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While the use of film and video is a relatively new development in litigation, it's just a natural extension of forensic evidence gathering for credible presentation.  Early on, Huntridge pioneered "day-in-the-life" presentations, accident reconstructions, site surveys, the preservation of visual evidence and documenting  scientific testing.  Cutting edge settlement videos set the standard for resolving significant cases long before the necessity of a jury trial.

Get on with living.... Don't drag the litigation process out.

Today, Huntridge Legal Video Services is recognized as one of the foremost producers of settlement and mediation documentaries as well as trial presentations and video depositions.

Why use Huntridge?

The Huntridge team has "been there, done that, and earned the T-shirt."  We have produced, filmed and edited entertainment programs, TV commercials, training films, sales presentations and even worked on feature films!  The Huntridge advantage cost-effectively puts those high-quality production values to work for your firm.  On time and on target.

We're not selling soap, We're MAKING A DIFFERENCE in something that TRULY MATTERS TO SOMEBODY.

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Huntridge Legal Video Services
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Phone: 864-271-3348

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